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Adorable and Eco-Friendly Cotton Baby Diapers

Cotton Diapers and Featured Products

The more you buy, the more you save

Cutie Baby Cotton Diaper offers a variety of colorful cotton baby diapers and liners that are both affordable and good for the environment. Contact our team for more information or browse our selection online.

Snap Cotton Baby Diapers
Snap Diapers

8 different colors.

Velcro Cotton Baby Diapers
Velcro Diapers

8 different colors.


6 different colors.

Diaper and T-Shirt Combo

6 different colors.


4 different colors.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cotton Diapers

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Cutie Baby Cotton Diaper in Miami, Florida, is focused on helping you understand the wide array of advantages that cotton diapers provide. If you have any concerns that are not addressed here, we are more than happy to help you learn more about our natural approach to diapers. 

1. Why choose cotton diapers vs. disposable diapers?
Cotton diapers are healthier, are allergen free, won’t cause rashes, save you money, and are better for the environment.

2. What can you use cotton diapers for?
Cotton diapers can be used for swimming and potty training as well as for daily wear, and you can reuse them for your next child.

3. Can you swim with disposable diapers at the beach or in a pool?
No, because the diaper inflates with water and the paper pulp comes out of the diaper in the water. You can use cotton diapers to swim in.

4. Can you wash cotton diapers?
Yes, and washing instructions are included on the label.

5. How much money will I save by using cotton diapers?
You will save approximately $1,000 per year. A baby uses diapers for 2.5 years, so $1,000 x 2.5 years = $2,500. 

6. What size diapers will I need?
There are two types of cotton diapers. The first type is a snap diaper that is adjustable at the gussets (thighs) and the waist area for one size that fits all. Our second type is a Velcro cotton diaper which has three sizes and is primarily adjustable in the waist area.

7. Do I need to wash the diapers before using them?
There is no need to wash the diapers if they are brand new. But if you usually wash new clothing before your baby wears them, then I would suggest pre-washing your cotton diapers when they arrive.

Contact us for our innovative approach to cotton diapers that reduce your costs and landfill use.

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